Why Renson?

We believe that a building should reflect the rhythm of the people who live and work in it. Evolution and change are eternal. It takes a real passion for healthy living to keep up with the times and to remain innovative in the face of changing needs.

Living comfort at RENSON® stems from a broad vision of the entire world - the world as it now is and as it will be. Sustainability is the feature of climate concern that transcends time and the individual. But sustainability does not, of course, pass by the world and people of today. RENSON® works every day to create even more well-designed, efficient and sustainable comfort solutions, each adapted to the situation. These are solutions where the construction industry – those who have to implement them – and the residents – those who will live in them – recognise the hand of the master. Only the best is good enough for those who want vital, healthy air, and you expect the best from specialists. RENSON® has for a century guaranteed essential living and working comfort.

Mission Statement

RENSON® creates innovative concepts and products for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in homes and buildings, with minimal energy use and an attractive design.

Top quality

Our consistently stringent quality controls ensure that our products are the best on the market. We strive for perfection at all levels under the motto:

“Nothing is so perfect it cannot be improved”.

Paul Renson - CEO


We are the technological pioneers in our sector. We listen to the market, and anticipate and develop outstanding solutions and products that become milestones in ventilation and sunprotection technology. Customer needs are translated by a multi-disciplinary R&D department into unique solutions & innovative products. RENSON® collaborates in this with the world’s leading scientific organisations specialised in energy efficiency. We gather the information, then add health & comfort with our own concepts. We also collaborate closely with fellow companies which have specialised know-how that can contribute to our overall concepts. An extensive portfolio of IP, consisting of patents and trademarks, protects our innovations from copying.